Saturday, February 26, 2011

Only a few more to fly...

I may have mentioned this a time or two... but isn't this just about the most beautiful design flying today? I only have a few trips remaining to fly the 757 and 767 and intend to enjoy them to the greatest extent possible. It's been nine years of pleasure, exploring North America, Asia and Europe in a fabulous airplane with wonderful crews.

I leave for Frankfurt tomorrow and hope to have Part II of my previous Paris trip up and running before I leave home.

Until then I hope that you enjoy this little video of a 757 parking in SFO. This is a 757-351, N595NW, ship 5815 built in September 2003 that we'll turn and venture off to Honolulu in  shortly. I look forward to my new aircraft assignment, but this ol bird will be hard to beat.


  1. My son Chad has been flying on a 767 from Belgium to New York every other day for over a month, and he really loves that airplane!

    I always have to remind him to take his aviators sunglass with him - he keeps forgetting them!

  2. Good luck in training Rand.

    Looking forward to the blog from the B747, it should be awesome!!!

  3. Enjoy those last few trips Rand and please share some more of those great cockpit shots! I can imagine the 4 engine are going to be a lot different and a totally different experience - but - she isn't called the Queen of the Skies for nothing!

    Looking forward to hearing about the training as well!

  4. As a passenger, I can tell how much the 757 is missed in Mexico. Aeromexico still makes extensive use of both 767-200/300ER. They are great aircraft in every possible aspect. It is such a great milestone to go to 747... hugs and congratulations Rand. You have shared with all of us your passion and professional demeanor as a pilot; so I think the 747 is just the right award for your career. Best regards from Mexico...

  5. I think flying is the best career in the world... you get to tour so many places while enjoying your work. On the downside you can become a little homesick.