Friday, May 7, 2010

Congratulations Bob!!

I'm on the road. Arrived in LAX last night and leave for HNL later today. For some reason, I'm unable to make a comment on my present posting, so will make a new post to offer a hearty congratulations to Bob for identifying Nantucket Harbor beneath our beloved ANE DC-3. Send me a mailing address Bob and a size ( L or XL, they're 100% cotton) and I'll send your T-shirt on its way.

Thanks everyone for participating in the "where am I" shot postings; I'm utterly amazed at everyone's ability to identify some very odd locations.

When I return from HNL to the mainland on Sunday, it will be my first experience flying a 767 and to SLC to boot. Haven't been there since my 727 days. "Let's see... how do we start this thing???"



  1. Wow, sounds like they aren't making it any easier on you for your first 767 trip. Fly over the middle of the big lake and take a right. Good Luck!

    Tim G in MN

  2. Good luck on the first 767 trip Rand! I'm sure it's just like a 757 - just an extra aisle behind you - well - maybe a couple of extra lbs as well!! :)

    Tim - that reminds me of the interview with John Lennon when the Beatles first came to the US - interviewer - How did you find America - John Lennon - we went to Greenland and turned left! :)

  3. Best of luck on your first 767 trip! I have been seeing several 753s in ATL, and a few 763s on the domestics out of DTW. It seems to be a very exciting time at DL for both north and south pilots! :)


  4. Yessir, will comply.

    Thanks for keeping your blogs fun and entertaining!