Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I still receive many emails asking me to keep writing my blog.

24 left and right at LAX

But my thoughts are that there are many current blogs, most very well written by active airline pilots, who are in a far better position than I to comment on the industry. I've kept my blog up though because surprisingly, it still receives as many as 100 hits per day, so someone out there is still enjoying it. 

On the other hand, where I may be able to contribute is with my photography. I've just built a new site that I've made public today. I have thousands of airline photos that many seem to enjoy, so click over and I hope that you enjoy these pics as much as I do.

I've only posted a few photos so far, but will add more weekly.



  1. Have missed your blog since you retired! Please, au moins, don't take down the posts which exist - enjoyable to go back and re-read them. Will certainly visit your new photo site with pleasure. LSP

  2. Always a pleasure to read your entries, thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  3. Aviation News

  4. Hey Rand. While scrolling thru your pics from time to time I came upon the one of the 727 at fl400. Obviously you were light but I was curious if you needed the -17 to push you up that high? Also, what are your thoughts on the TWA 727 incident over Detroit in the 70's? Was it a rumored practice to extend the flaps only in order to get to a higher altitude? Thanks,Mike V