Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Name that Bridge!

This was the photo and the question was. What bridge is this?

Congratulations to Daniel Sallee from Port Angeles, WA. who correctly identified the bridge as the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York Harbor. Completed in 1964, this masterful engineering feat was the worlds longest suspension bridge at the time (4,260') and connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. ("You lookin at me?")

Daniel is a 757/767 First Officer for Omni Air International flying world-wide charters to (as he puts it) "just about everywhere I ever wanted to go and a few places I'd rather not." Daniel's grandfather flew for Braniff Airways and he's continuing his family's tradition of commercial flight. His grandfather, while flying at Braniff knew one of my all time favorite aviation writers; Len Morgan.

After I wrote this, I received two more answers. One was from Tony who correctly answered the question and fellow blogger and aviation photographer Mark Lawrence. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.

Now, here's where I turn green with envy. Daniel, as well as flying for Omni, flies part time for Kenmore Air in Seattle. He's a seaplane pilot too. I've always wanted to do this.


  1. Hi Rand,
    My husband and I were at the "Fly In" at the Plymouth Airport in New Hampshire. I saw your name on the list and hoped to finally meet you! Maybe in the fall or next year.

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  3. Hello Maribeth,

    I'm sorry that I missed you and your husband at the Plymouth fly-in. I trekked out to DTW for short call reserve during the event. Now that I no longer have the Cub or the Stearman and have to drive to Plymouth I'm a little less inclined to attend. But if for no other reason than to enjoy the fall foliage, I'll try harder to make the autumn party.


  4. Hi Rand! I'm surprised how big the DL operation is getting in JFK by the way. Taxied behind the whale out to 13R and I am still in awe of such a beast. Makes our little Airbus feel like we were in a Cessna 152. Love the blog!

    Ryan (ryanthepilot)

  5. Hey I think I know that guy. Thank for the air time Rand! I got the bridge because I used to fly out of LaGuardia on a regular basis and I got tired of not knowing what all the bridges were over there, so I looked them all up one day.