Friday, October 21, 2011

If you're former Air New England.....

What are you doing on 29 October 2011?

Hopefully you'll be joining us at the Hyannis Radisson Hotel at 5:00 pm until whenever, to celebrate our 30th anniversary of going out of business. Presently more than 50 ANE people will be there and we hope to see you.

Here's the current guest list and it's growing fast.

Rooms are available at a special ANE rate at the Radisson too: 508-771-1700


  1. when you use pitch trim with the electric switches, does the yoke move to the center as you're using the switches? why do pilots apply stabilizer trim in small increments?

  2. Xav,

    Yes the yoke does move, but it is barely perceptible because, as you mentioned we use it in small increments. Now for the why. Pitch trim should be used to relieve pressure on the yoke, so short engagements of the pitch trim motors will give you a better feel of control pressure changes. Longer engagements may find you trimming thru where you should be and into the opposite effect. Also, trimming during flap retraction while the wing is reconfiguring from low speed mode to high speed mode can lead to over correction and trimming back towards where you were in the first place. Again, short bursts of these motors will help avoid this.


  3. when would you use aileron trim? would you first level out the wings with the yoke and then apply trim, or would you just apply trim until the wings are level?