Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where does the time go?

I'm sorry that so much time has passed since my last posting, but I've just been so darn busy that it's hard to squeeze everything in. I've flown several European trips to London and Paris recently, as well as a couple of Asian excursions with some fantastic crews and garnered some very good photography. 

Here are just some of the crews that I've enjoyed.

Waiting to depart 34L at Narita for San Francisco.

In the forward galley at Narita headed for Saipan.

This layover in Kensington, during a London Heathrow trip had additional benefits. See the young fellow to my right? He's my cousin Jan's son who is spending a semester in London. I was a little worried that he might find dinner with four (old) guys a bit boring. I was wrong though as we enjoyed a spirited conversation. 

On our way home from Paris. Next stop, Salt Lake City.

In Frankfurt as we seek after dinner entertainment. 

To read a little about my last Asian trip and why I've been so busy, click here.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have more up soon.



  1. Wow...you cabinet work is awesome Rand!! Looks fantastic! Happy New Year! Looks like the trips have been good - and some nice clear skies! When does 747 ground school start??

  2. Rand,

    Welcome Back...it's been far too long. Happy New Year

  3. Nice pics. Yes, when does that -400 training start? You'll have to let me know if you ever fly the Narita-LAX trip. Commonly that route goes right over my house in the morning with good light conditions.

  4. Rand,

    Great to see that you got the 744A award. When do you go to training? As you stated, the picture of me flying with you from PEK to SEA is in the March Airways issue. Mainz was fun too. Thanks! Eric Gustason--MSP 7ERB (previous DTW 7ERB)