Friday, September 10, 2010

Off to Paris tomorrow with Dave...


Sorry that it's taking so long to get my Paris pics up but I've got this little building project that's taking up some of my time. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday they'll be posted.  Thanks!

Dave and I enjoyed a great late summer day in Paris the day before yesterday as we walked the city with thousands of others enjoying the parks, museums and wide, historic boulevards. After an 11 hour 46 minute flight to Salt Lake City yesterday, we leave for Detroit today and finish this five day trip. Another great trip with outstanding crews, great restaurants and an historic city to explore. I'll post Paris pictures soon as we scoured the city in search of Jean Valjean and Cosette. 

I leave on a five day Paris trip tomorrow with Dave, shown here in a 767 on a recent FRA trip. I'll pass through ATL for the first time as a Delta pilot; I haven't been to there since my 727 days, I suppose I should bring my hat! As soon as I get home I'll work on a new post, until then, thanks very much for reading.

It's Dave's leg back to DTW. When it's the FO's leg I always go out and do the walk around. They think I'm being a nice guy... I have an ulterior motive though, it gives me an opportunity to take pictures!

Airborne approaching PIKIL our oceanic entry point. We'll be there at 1150Z with 83,400 pounds of fuel. We're exactly on fuel burn but running one minute early according to our flight plan. If we gain another minute, we'll need to notify ATC of a possible early arrival. There's much west bound, North American traffic that needs to be coordinated over this and other entry points. We gave them our PIKIL estimate 45 minutes ago, they're planning on that so may slow us down to keep us on estimate. 

Our paperwork for our westbound crossing.

I needed a good "through the windscreen" shot for this post but didn't have one, so borrowed one from another trip. Any ideas as to where we might be?

Part of our crew in FRA.

Thanks for reading


  1. I say Fuji? Mt. St. Helens used to look like that before May 18, 1980.

  2. Definitely Fuji. Distinctive lip of the crater and all alone.

    Wish my job took me to Paris!

  3. I can't get anything past you people!!!

  4. Have fun in Paris! Try to go see the Eiffel Tower especially at night.

  5. I just have to say, I love the current photo, the AA DC9 at just the moment of breaking ground. What an angle!

    Or an MD8x landing, I'm not sure of much here. But great photo any way.

  6. Sarah,
    Thanks, they were just breaking ground off of 16L at SLC.