Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

Blair, Samantha and Ian
Rand & Linda
Sam's engagement party last Spring

It's cooling down here in New Hampshire, the leaves have fallen, the migratory fowl that populate our marsh have mostly flown south and the aroma of wood smoke and snow fill the air. Another year has passed and I have much to be grateful for. They include our new home, our many family members and good friends whose company we enjoy. Thanks to all of you who follow my airline adventures and take a moment to comment. I wish the best for all of us and hope that you enjoy this holiday season.



The cockpit is comfortably warm, the coffee is good and only the sound of air past our windscreen at 500 knots, lets us know that we're in motion high above the worlds largest, deepest ocean. This is a moment to savor before returning to VHF radio communications, descent and approach procedures and the reality of an LAX arrival. Tranquility will soon be replaced by work; but work that is enjoyable as more than two-hundred trusting souls snooze in deep sleep behind us.

My friend Bill from Texas, a former Braniff pilot and NWA retiree via Republic Airlines, just sent me this link. For those of us who enjoy history and Charles Lindbergh it's wonderful. Thanks Bill.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too Rand - may it be a peaceful one!

  2. Happy Holidays Rand !!! You have a nice family and a superb job... your pic over the Pacific is very beautiful and inspiring.

    Always the best wishes from Mexico City.

  3. Your looking fit there Rand. You been on the tread mill or something?

    The biggest thing I miss about living in the USA is TG. Us Canucks sure could learn a thing or two about how to do TG the proper way like our American cousins.

    All the best during the holidays Rand!

  4. Hello Rand:

    I invite you to have a look to Mexico's birds with a new blog I created for airline photography:

    Greetings and nice flights...